Providing landscaping services to commercial and residential clients for over 25 years.

Long Brothers began business in the spring of 1984, entering the field with a background in grading and drainage work prior to then.  Initially, our business served the residential market through builders and homeowners.  Over the years we diversified into most markets within the landscaping industry. We now work in both the commercial and residential areas but over the last 15 years the majority of our work has been in the commercial area. We are able to tackle any and all work. We have the capacity to manage any size job.

Long Brothers is locally owned, serving the Triangle and the Triad markets. Our company is big enough to get the job done but small enough to get answers.  You don’t have to go through several layers of corporate structure to get your needs or questions handled. You will deal with our competent managers, or if need be, directly with the owners.

Why choose us?

We are locally owned and operated so you will deal with people who live in your community. Our high level of customer service is oriented on production and service. Our word is our bond. What you are told is what will be performed.

We have more then two decades of experience in the landscaping industry with all types and sizes of jobs in our portfolio. With jobs in both residential and commercial markets our goal is to develop an ongoing system that will allow our customers’ every landscape need to be met.



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